I want! I want!

William Blake, “I Want! I Want!” (1793)

Thursday night, while puttering around my front porch picking the scattered newspaper I’d read that morning off the ground, I caught a glimpse of the moon and rose up, entranced. It was especially beautiful, one of those big, round moons the color of yellow sapphires, or Michael Jordan’s eyes. A Buck Moon. I stood there for several seconds, then considered taking a bad photo for my Instagram Stories or texting a friend. “No,” I thought. "I’ll keep this for myself.” But that’s impossible. The moon belongs to everyone.

The moon landing, as you know, was 50 years ago today. A few things to read and watch: the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town coverage of moon landing parties in 1969, a 2005 review of Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth in the London Review of Books, and lastly, obviously, the main event.

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